Sell Your Unused Gold, Silver, and Jewelry

If you've got unwanted gold and silver coins, precious metals, or jewelry collecting dust around your home, bring your items to Caprock Gold Exchange for same-day cash!
We pay cash - for a wide variety of items, including:

  • Gold coins, bars, and ingots
  • Silver coins, bars, and ingots
  • Platinum coins, bars, and ingots
  • Diamonds
  • All gold jewelry (broken or not)
  • 10k, 14k, 18k, and 24k gold
  • Silver or platinum jewelry
  • Sterling flatware
  • Sterling tea sets and cups
  • Sterling silver bowls, platters, and trays
Caprock Gold Exchange is a Christian, family-oriented business, a Texas Registered Precious Metal Dealer, and a member of the National Federation of Independent Business. Visit us today to learn more about our buying services or for a FREE second opinion on your items! You can also give us a call at 806-698-6980.